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For individual projects, our charge is $24 per hour. To receive our services for larger projects or personal needs, we have hour-based packages to better suit your needs, as seen below.

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20 Hours




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30 Hours




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40 Hours




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$18.00/hr *total price depends on hours selected by the client.

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These packages/hours can be used for a total of 3 months. Any money not used at the end of this period will be refunded. Please allow 2-4 weeks for any refunded funds.

*There is a minimum of 50 hours that must be purchased for the unlimited package. There is no time limit to use the hours within the unlimited package. All hours will remain available for use until expended.

*Along with selecting a package or before any work begins, the customer is required to sign a contract as well as pay half of the package’s amount.

*All rates are refundable upon owner’s discretion. For funds paid towards packages, there will be a $50 non-refundable charge for supply purposes. For individual projects, there will be a $10 non-refundable charge for supplies.